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I’m officially an artist, people…


I’m sew excited! I sold my first art quilt today on Ebay so I’m officially a starving artist!  I recommend that you put in your orders/commissions now before my prices skyrocket!

here is the piece I sold:

completed July 2012



I don’t do “random”…


I’m following a blog called Christa Quilts – and she’s doing a quilt-along right now – so in an effort to use up some of my fabric, I joined it. (BTW according to my poll, I am a perfectly normal quilter, not a hoarder – so there!)

Here’s what I had to do this morning: take 40 pieces of fabric, cut them in half and match them up in pairs. So for the mathematically challenged, that’s matching up 80 pieces of fabric.

I placed half of them on my ironing board and table and tried to do it randomly:  my fingers kept putting pairs together… and my brain kept saying “oh no, that doesn’t go”, forcing my fingers to move them around until they matched.

Then I sewed the strips together, pressed them & cut them into blocks and finally lay them out in neat orderly piles of coloured blocks – much happier camper now!

strips matched up and ready to be sewn

nice orderly piles of coloured blocks

And according to one poll I did recently, 86% of my readers prefer to work in a logical orderly fashion, so I am not alone 🙂

Better Late Than Never


One of the best pieces of advice I ever got about quilting was that you should have a glass of wine before attempting Free Motion Quilting.  It helps to relax your shoulders and make the process more enjoyable. (Doesn’t wine do that for everything??)

Today I was working on a project,  and realized my shoulders were up around my ears.  Uh oh. I instantly realized the problem:  I had forgotten the wine.  And  I was almost finished the Free Motion Quilting…but…

better late than never!

Quilter or Hoarder?


You know how you find out about some things after the fact?

For instance, I recently found out that about a month ago, when my brother was in my house, when I wasn’t home, he passed my art studio (yes, that’s what I call it – my art studio, my workshop, my sewing room, my space, etc.) and apparently he made a comment.

Oh yes, he thinks his sister is a borderline hoarder…

Well, here’s a shot of my worktable this morning: I had to laugh because if you think that pile of scraps is garbage, you are sadly mistaken.  Valuable pieces of fabric, already loaded with SteamASeam for future use…

not a hoarder!

Imari Yaki


Imari Yaki to you too, LOL.

That is the name of a quilt kit I bought over 10 years ago – apparently it means “highly prized white porcelain” from southern Japan.

It involved applique with freezer paper and templates – I started it and quickly discovered I didn’t have the patience for this kind of work…

Fast forward 10 years:  I discovered Steam-A-Seam – a fusible web that makes applique possible to do by machine.  I love Steam-A-Seam.

I will have this finished soon:

work in progress

Thread Sweat & Tears


Why Thread Sweat & Tears??

Well, I work with thread (and fabric and fibres);

I work hard at it and sometimes I sweat – well, not really but it is hard work;

and sometimes I cry while I’m doing it – well, not really but I care about my work which sometimes leads to tears.  Most of the time I just love what I’m working on and I cry when I’m happy too.

for instance:  today it is an Asian motif wall hanging – I love the colours and the design!  I think I’m going to add some beads to it.