Take a Chance…


About 2 weeks ago I was at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  I usually take classes in things that I like but also in techniques that don’t appeal to me (which most people don’t understand).  I like a challenge LOL and sometimes I wind up making beautiful discoveries.

So the class that did not interest me was Landscape Using Woven Fabric with Nancy DiDonato.  I like making landscape quilts but the woven fabric backgrounds?   Not so sure….

It was a very small class and we learned a lot.  Aside from the technique she taught us, which I loved, she also shared some of her art.  What I really liked about her was that she used very innovative ideas in the creation of her quilts.  Thrift shop finds or bark from the forest – she uses what she feels will work for the concept she has in mind.  The “Only 100% Quilting Cotton Fabric Police” would not understand…

Her work is outstanding and innovative: check her out at http://www.nancydidonato.com.

Meantime, have a look at what she helped me make:

GetAttachment.aspxThanks, Nancy!

Take a chance, people – you might learn and love something new!


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