The inspiration for my January project was an image that included snowflakes and the words “hello January” and  “peace”.   I wanted a gold on gold/beige or off-white background with a snowflake that looked lacy and delicate. 

The piece was going to be about 24 x 24″ but when I started piecing the background with a gold fleur-de-lis fabric and a beige upholstery remnant, it looked too linear.  I cut it up and started working with a piece of fabric about 12 by 15 inches.

Assembling the materials, I had Glimmer Mist, Stickles, various pieces of jewellery I will never wear again, a piece of ribbon trim, some brads, an old doily and a belt buckle, all in antique gold shades.

Over a few weeks I worked on the piece, occasionally leaving it for a couple of days to allow myself to view it with a fresh eye.  Eventually there was a transformation:  it no longer bore any resemblance to my inspiration image and I’m not even sure if it looks wintery.


Now I need a name for it – any ideas?  “Winter of my Discontent”?






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  1. Aware that you are not a reader of fantasy, this looks a little like the maps inside the cover of a fantasy book. Showing the water (near the bottom) the enchanted forest (belt buckle) and the land by the sea. So I titling it I would incorporate the word land or world….Winter Land or something along those lines.

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