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Mixed Media – Week One


Friday marked the beginning of a 6 week Mixed Media class at Toronto School of Art with Jacqueline Treloar.  Having failed Grade 9 Art, I feel there is nowhere to go but up.

I am a blank page

I am a blank page

I decided to work on what I consider one of the ugliest fabrics in my entire collection:



After a demo on acrylic paints & inks, squeegees and rollers, I set out to change this monetary monstrosity.  First I used a pinkish acrylic ink with a roller over part of it but this was barely noticeable.  I added some red and blue horizontal splotches with a squeegee.  Then, at Jacqueline’s suggestion, I lay down painter’s tape in vertical stripes across the piece and painted rough red lines off the tape.  I highlighted the straight side of the red stripe with very thin lines of  white acrylic and defined them even further with a blue pencil.   Class was over.

Not sure where this is going....

Not sure where this is going….

At home, I sandwiched it, picked out a variegated thread to match and did some straight line quilting to accent the vertical stripes even more.


the finish

the finish


Hanging in my kitchen now!  $$$$$$$$

























I am working on a special quilt for my brother who is a biker, retired police officer and guitar man.  This song title popped into my head for some reason and I played the YouTube video for some inspiration.  Note how it is spelled “Guitarzan” in the video description yet the CD/album cover clearly spells it “Gitarzan” … now I know “guitar” is spelled “guitar” and logically it follows that the song would be “Guitarzan” but it is curious now to me that I am arguing in point for the illogical yet chosen spelling (by the songwriter) when normally I would be arguing in favour of proper spelling…oooh the irony ….or is it the dichotomy – God, I love words.

Needless to say that the song was not that inspirational but I continued to quilt the piece anyway.

detail not too pretty close-up

not so pretty close-up – hope it gets better



Give Piece a Chance


Today I am working on a Modern Quilting technique:  Improv Piecing.  Some people who teach the concept are Rayna Gillman   and Victoria Findlay Wolfe .

Rayna advocates taking an orphan block and cutting it up, adding to it, cutting again, adding again, etc. until you are a happy camper.  Here goes….


half a peace

half o’ peace

This is half of a block I made experimenting with fonts on my HV machine.  I cut it in half before I decided to take a pic.

I worked on it for about an hour and at NO point during the process did I think I would be happy with the result but I am always OK with experimentation.  I cut up a couple of other orphan blocks in the same colour family, used a little marbled fabric I had made and added a touch of green.

This is the new finished block, which is not a square, but I quite like it:


finished block

first block for Give Piece a Chance quilt

Like it so much that I am going to do other blocks in other colours and put them altogether in one big quilt.  I am anticipating quite a scrappy look….

Oh, and Rayna says to keep all cut off scraps for a future improv block so here they are:

pieces of pieces

pieces of pieces

I finished by organizing some of of my pieces of pieces into colour piles.

Now I am going to put a zipper in a skirt for a pattern I am testing.  That should be fun…

Celtic Love


Being part Irish, I am attracted to Celtic knots so it was no surprise that I signed up for a class recently in No Mark Celtic Interlaces with Linda J. Hahn.  Check her patterns out at http://www.froghollowdesigns.com.

I learned a wonderful new FAST AND EASY way to machine applique them to a quilt – the last one I did by hand took a year and a half.  Do not like doing the handwork…

Linda had put these together in a 4 patch setting but I was short on one of the fabrics I wanted to use as a border, so I decided to make 2 pieces with different borders.

Which one do you like better and why?

100_3523 100_3524

Take a Chance…


About 2 weeks ago I was at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  I usually take classes in things that I like but also in techniques that don’t appeal to me (which most people don’t understand).  I like a challenge LOL and sometimes I wind up making beautiful discoveries.

So the class that did not interest me was Landscape Using Woven Fabric with Nancy DiDonato.  I like making landscape quilts but the woven fabric backgrounds?   Not so sure….

It was a very small class and we learned a lot.  Aside from the technique she taught us, which I loved, she also shared some of her art.  What I really liked about her was that she used very innovative ideas in the creation of her quilts.  Thrift shop finds or bark from the forest – she uses what she feels will work for the concept she has in mind.  The “Only 100% Quilting Cotton Fabric Police” would not understand…

Her work is outstanding and innovative: check her out at http://www.nancydidonato.com.

Meantime, have a look at what she helped me make:

GetAttachment.aspxThanks, Nancy!

Take a chance, people – you might learn and love something new!