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Mixed Media – Week One


Friday marked the beginning of a 6 week Mixed Media class at Toronto School of Art with Jacqueline Treloar.  Having failed Grade 9 Art, I feel there is nowhere to go but up.

I am a blank page

I am a blank page

I decided to work on what I consider one of the ugliest fabrics in my entire collection:



After a demo on acrylic paints & inks, squeegees and rollers, I set out to change this monetary monstrosity.  First I used a pinkish acrylic ink with a roller over part of it but this was barely noticeable.  I added some red and blue horizontal splotches with a squeegee.  Then, at Jacqueline’s suggestion, I lay down painter’s tape in vertical stripes across the piece and painted rough red lines off the tape.  I highlighted the straight side of the red stripe with very thin lines of  white acrylic and defined them even further with a blue pencil.   Class was over.

Not sure where this is going....

Not sure where this is going….

At home, I sandwiched it, picked out a variegated thread to match and did some straight line quilting to accent the vertical stripes even more.


the finish

the finish


Hanging in my kitchen now!  $$$$$$$$























Bubble Tea Anyone?


I decided to work some circles into a simple patchwork layout this weekend, just to challenge myself.  It really didn’t appeal to me.

The fabric choices came easily:  I picked out some fabric with polka dots and pieced them all together.  The lime green, yellow and coral seemed made for each other!

One big circle in embroidery stitches, a few little coral circles and some free motion work to highlight the circles: voila!

First choice for a name was Bubblicious but my little sis suggested Bubble Tea and I love the Bubble Tea so..

sweet shades of lime and coral

I’m officially an artist, people…


I’m sew excited! I sold my first art quilt today on Ebay so I’m officially a starving artist!  I recommend that you put in your orders/commissions now before my prices skyrocket!

here is the piece I sold:

completed July 2012


Imari Yaki


Imari Yaki to you too, LOL.

That is the name of a quilt kit I bought over 10 years ago – apparently it means “highly prized white porcelain” from southern Japan.

It involved applique with freezer paper and templates – I started it and quickly discovered I didn’t have the patience for this kind of work…

Fast forward 10 years:  I discovered Steam-A-Seam – a fusible web that makes applique possible to do by machine.  I love Steam-A-Seam.

I will have this finished soon:

work in progress

Thread Sweat & Tears


Why Thread Sweat & Tears??

Well, I work with thread (and fabric and fibres);

I work hard at it and sometimes I sweat – well, not really but it is hard work;

and sometimes I cry while I’m doing it – well, not really but I care about my work which sometimes leads to tears.  Most of the time I just love what I’m working on and I cry when I’m happy too.

for instance:  today it is an Asian motif wall hanging – I love the colours and the design!  I think I’m going to add some beads to it.