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I am working on a special quilt for my brother who is a biker, retired police officer and guitar man.  This song title popped into my head for some reason and I played the YouTube video for some inspiration.  Note how it is spelled “Guitarzan” in the video description yet the CD/album cover clearly spells it “Gitarzan” … now I know “guitar” is spelled “guitar” and logically it follows that the song would be “Guitarzan” but it is curious now to me that I am arguing in point for the illogical yet chosen spelling (by the songwriter) when normally I would be arguing in favour of proper spelling…oooh the irony ….or is it the dichotomy – God, I love words.

Needless to say that the song was not that inspirational but I continued to quilt the piece anyway.

detail not too pretty close-up

not so pretty close-up – hope it gets better